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NASD Series exam training, entrance level, supervisory level and fast facts
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FINRA Series Exam training

                     Our Series programs prepare you for exams that are administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). FINRA is the new name of the NASD and NYSE merged regulatory units.

FINRA also administers exams on behalf of other American regulators including NYSE, MSRB, NFA, NASAA and CBOE.

This section gives you information about the content of each FINRA exam. Our training programs prepare you to take these exams.

Why wallace?

Outperforming the Market
We are the only European based training company that focuses on preparing students to sit American financial industry exams, with American teachers. Our students' performance consistently outstrips the NASDR average.

Of students who attend our Intensive Reviews, in excess of 85% pass first time.

With our partners STC (www.stcusa.com), we have trained over
400,000 students throughout their careers from junior Registered Representative to CEO of the firm.

Learn Smart & Save Time
You work long hours as it is. How are you going to find the time to do your Series exam?

Simple - speed the learning process up by attending one of our Intensive Review programs. Focus on the most heavily weighted areas of the test and radically hone your knowledge.

Our Teachers: Our Pride
Navigating the minefield that is the American market, its regulators & investors can be tricky. The 2 things you need to know first are that Series exams are

                        1 - written by American regulators
                        2 - focus on protecting the American investing public.

So, who better to teach you than our 40-strong team of American teachers who together, have more experience and knowledge of this than any other team.

They are full time Series teachers who are themselves the 'investing public'. No one else is better able to guide you through the plethora of American jargon and demonstrate the subtleties of both the institutional and retail marketplace. What are the regulators looking for and how does the market work? Understanding this is key to passing Series exams.

Oh and two more things...
We are a company of
human beings not virtual teachers.
We are a company of
hand-holders not spoon-feeders

Our teachers are available to answer your questions 24/7 and will give you as much hand-holding as you need. We won't pester you but we are always there if you need us. Rather like a draw down facility from your bank - we are ready to go when you are - you

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